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Drug and Alcohol Testing (5-14 Panel). Covid Rapid, Strep, Influenza, DNA,

Oil, Gas, Condensate and NGL/LPG analysis. Amine, Glycol and Sulphur Analysis.

Analysis of water/soil/air and contaminates of our world

Boiler Test Chemical, pH meters, Solvents, + More!

PFL Provides Field Kits, procedures, Contract Staff and helps manage equipment
Ask Us about Contact Lab Staff at you Facility?

Striving to meet the Needs of our Customers.


Sulphur, Liquid Sulphur, H2S, SO2

Measurements of elemental sulphur (s)/(l), Hydrogen Sulphide Gas H2S, SO2, CS2, Catalyst Rich Amine and other Sulphur Constituents


Agricultural Analysis

Soil, Water, Fertilizer, Well water, Dugout Water, Animal Feed, Heavy Metals
& Animal Health!

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Oil & Gas Facility Support

Separators, Measurement, Amine Systems, Glycol, Flare, CO2, Boilers and

FIeld LaB – Industrial Sampling – Laboratory Supply

Heavy OIL Quality
& Condensate Blending and Quality Specification Work

PFL Holds world wide patents in the ground breaking practice of developing commercial abundant engineered diluents. Call us and ask how we can help you meet your specifications more often for less cost. We can help with all your oil specification requirements.

Viscosity & Density

The lab can test both heavy oil, crude, bitumen, MFT ,condensates and LPG for quality specifications and blending plans.

TAN, BS&W, Sulphur, BTEX and So much More!

Let us help you find a uniquely engineering diluent or work with a product specification. We have tests that will meet your specification needs. (Multiple methods D4055 and others!) Improve your Net back reduce your equalization fines.

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Meeting our Customers Needs !

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Drug Testing & Breath Alcohol

5,7,10,12 and 14 Panel Available

Walk in 9-5 Monday to Friday. Call Out 24 hours a Day!
**780-622-4448 Line 1**


Biological DNA, COVID & Influenza

Confidential and Fast

Variety of biological testing available including DNA paternity, Covid Rapids, Influenza, strep, and Cancer Markers

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Drug Testing for Third Party Groups!

Urine and Orla Testing Available 24 hrs a Day!

PFL Labs is able to help you with your third party testing needs. We test for Sure Hire, ECS, Wellpoint, Shift OHS, Canada Research Laboratories and More. Give Us a Call! 780-622-4448

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Elemental &Metals Analysis

Water, Soil, Petroleum, Glycol, Amine

PFL Labs is able to analyze a full range of metal is liquids and solids. Do you want metals in drinking water? Or say wear metals in your Glycol heater fluid? Give Us a Call!

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Petroleum Measurement

Gas, LPG, NGL, Condensate & Oil

We perform a full range of GPA and ASTM methods for analyzing ALL types of petroleum. Yes we report well sites and go to plants for routine sampling also. Call US!

Get in touch with Lab or Sampling TeamS!

Do you need analytical services or lab supplies? Talk to our experts!

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69 1st Ave Fox Creek, AB
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