Petroleum Field Lab is a smallish lab with a big attitude about safety. As a compact facility we are able to pay special attention to safety on a method by method basis. Regardless of if we are in the field troubleshooting systems or taking samples or in the lab PFL knows that safety starts with experienced people doing there job in a well supported environment. Our facility is especially designed to safely handle hydrocarbon, environmental, drug and alcohol testing and waste water samples. Our lab focuses on instrumentation and automation increasing accuracy and reducing the need for many chemical procedures. In that our facility are smaller our staff’s safety is forefront in our day to day activities. We are committed to provide a safe working environment, an environment in which all employees can foster safe work habits openly and a team attitude about safety that dynamically grows the understanding of what is necessary for a safe laboratory each day.

PFL is COR certified and has memberships with ISNetworld and Comply works. Only ask and we can help.


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